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User Guide General Continuity User Guide.
Database Repositories and Connection Strings Use our Repository User Guide to learn how to create and open Continuity Repositories.
Continuity Declarative Object Notation "CDON" CDON is a C-like declarative language that can be used to define Custom Shapes and User Meta-Type shapes for Continuity. Use our CDON User Guide to find out how to use CDON.
Code Generation Code Generation User Guide.
Macro Scripts Macro Scripting User Guide.
Estimation Software Estimation User Guide.
Notes for Mac OS Users
  1. If you get a web-download security message, right-select and select "Open".
  2. From Mac OS Sierra onwards, running directly within the unzipped folder will result in configuration file access issues, so moving it as described on our downloads page is a necessary step.

IT Architecture Articles

Topic Articles / Links
  1. Too Much describes how agile teams avoid software development value-chain realities - at their peril.
  2. The State We're In explores why the IT industry seems to be in a perpetual cycle of making the same old mistakes.
  3. Generalised Agile is a Pipe Dream for Most shares thoughts on why generalised use of Agile techniques within organisations might be misfounded.
Software Design
  1. Model-View-Presenter-Controller, written by Martin Hunter in 2006 this article covers the "MVPC" design pattern.
  2. On the Classification of Problems in terms of their Solutions looks at our tendancy to try and classify everything in life, including the problems we face, and how we can respond to this in our analysis.
  3. The Specification Design Pattern.
  4. The Exposable Data Transfer Object "EDTO" Design Pattern.
  5. Abstract Thought covers a few different forms of abstraction in programming.
  6. On the Use and Misuse of Accessor Methods covers a few of the pros and cons of how accessor and mutator methods are used in programming.
  7. Authoring Efficient XML provides some rules of thumb for creating XML documents that are optimised for different factors such as parse time or transmission speed.

Continuity License Guide

The Continuity application is copyright (c) ArcWorx Ltd. and provided free of charge (and free of warranty!) under the GNU General Public License v3. A copy of the Continuity source code is available to download (.zip) should you need it. Please refer to the "Licenses.txt" file that accompanies Continuity software downloads.

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