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Current version: 23.22-407, 28th March 2023

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Operating System Download Notes
Linux Linux (.zip)

Tested on Ubuntu, CentOS and RedHat (RHEL)

Requires a Gnome-based linux desktop with GTK+3 to run.

Mac OS Mac OS (.zip)

Tested on Mac OS Monterey, Big Sur and Mojave.

Requires the GTK+3 libraries to be installed to run (see notes in the Installation section below).

Microsoft Windows Windows (.zip)

Tested on Windows 11 and Windows 10

Release Notes

Performance Improvements.
Added Repository Skeleton Providers for empty Repositories.
Added C# Code Reverse-Engineering.
Bug fixes.
Layout Changes.
NB. A database repository update is required for versions after 22.51-354


  1. Download package for your Operating System (above)
  2. Extract .zip to a folder on your computer
  3. Run

    On Linux

    On Linux launch the Continuity application binary.

    On Mac OS

    On Apple Mac OS:

    1. Move to a your /Applications folder
    2. Run (right-click and select "Open" on first run)

    On Windows

    On Microsoft Windows run ContinuityInstaller.exe (select "Run Anyway" if prompted by Windows on first run).

  4. Important Note for Mac OS Users

    Continuity requires the open-source GTK+3 libraries to be installed on your Mac as a pre-requisite for it to run. GTK+3 can be installed using Homebrew as outlined in the table below, or by downloading and using our Continuity Installation Manager or "cim" for Mac OS from your Terminal command-line.

    Please note: For Apple Silicon (ARM) machines please run cim and/or install Homebrew using a Rosetta-enabled terminal. If you use a non-Rosetta terminal then the GTK+3 libraries will not be loadable by Continuity and the application will crash upon starting.

    Step Action
    1. Open Terminal on your Mac.
    2. Install Homebrew: /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
    3. Install GTK+3: brew install gtk+3
    4. Install GTK Adwaita Theme: brew install adwaita-icon-theme

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