Continuity Feature Backlog

Feature Backlog

This is Continuity's backlog of upcoming features, which we are working on now and are aiming to get into future releases.

If you'd like to request a feature, or vote one up that's already listed below, we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch using our email address.

We operate a continuous-delivery process to our web site and have a high release tempo, on average around 1-2 revisions per month, so updates become available often and include bug fixes as well as new features.

Upcoming Features

Feature Anticipated Release Category
Hosted Cloud-based Repostories, private & public.TBDMajor
Theme Designer experience improvements.TBDMinor
UML2 Communication Diagrams.TBDMinor
SoaML Language.TBDMinor
SysML Language.TBDMinor
Model Transformations, e.g. from a UML2 Class Model to a DDL Data Structure.TBDMajor
In-built support for SoaML and SysML modelling languages.TBDMinor
UML2 Model Integrity Checker.TBDMajor
BPMN2 Model Integrity Checker.TBDMajor
Auto-Layout Diagrams.TBDMinor
In-built Function Point Count Estimation.TBDMinor
Rotate 2D Diagrams.TBDMinor
Code forward and reverse engineering (C#, Java & JS initially).TBDMajor

Completed Features

Completed / Done Features Release Version Category
REST Modelling Shapes.22.41Minor
Import RDBMS Schemas, Tables and Columns from ODBC Data Sources22.40Minor
Association Label directionality indicator.22.39Minor
Improved Context-Sensitive Guidance Panel.21.01Minor
Self-Hosted cloud-based Repostories.20.25Major
Dockable Windows.19.30-249Minor
IDEF0 Language.19.20-239Minor
UML2 Timing Diagrams.19.01-220Minor
Rotate, Scale and Sheer Diagram Elements.19.01-220Minor
3D Diagrams (Isometric Projections).18.61-215Minor
3D Diagrams (Oblique Projections).18.60-214Minor
Import / Export entire repository.18.50-204Minor
Template-driven code generation.18.48-202Minor
Bezier association styles.18.28-182Minor
Enhanced visual themes.18.24-178Minor
Template Classes (generics).18.23-177Minor
Links (association instances).18.12-166Minor
Dot-notation for end-ownership in UML.18.11-165Minor
Resize association labels.18.11-165Minor
Security Threat Modelling elements.18.11-165Minor
Composite Diagram References within Associations.18.*Minor
Composite Diagram References within Elements.18.*Minor
"Link Cloud" Navigator.18.*Minor
Import / Export Diagram / Poster Style Theme Packs.18.*Minor
Iteration Plan.17.37-154Minor
Conditional Highlighting.2.3.183Minor
Composite Diagram links for Elements and Associations.2.0.118Minor
"Flag for Delete" marker for weeding out unwanted elements.1.3.116Minor
3D Diagrams (Perspective Projections).1.2.92Minor
Encryption for XML Repository Files.1.1.87Minor
Import from XMI 2.1 for CASE tool inter-operability.1.0.77Minor
JSON-based Declarative Shape Scripts.1.0.65Minor
Value Stream Mapping shapes.1.0.65Minor
User-Defined Meta-Type Shapes (hand-drawn).1.0.63Minor
Shortcut toolbox for format, dimensions, alignment and element copy and paste.1.0.61Minor
User-Defined, Hand-Drawn Meta Types / Shapes.1.0.59Minor
Sketch Shapes.1.0.58Minor
Printing and Saving Images on Mac OSX.1.0.57Known Defect
Bug in GTK#/Mono
libraries on Mac OSX.
Keyboard Shortcuts for Cut, Copy, Paste for Elements, Format, Dimensions and Alignment.1.0.53Minor
Business Motivation Modelling Language.1.0.53Minor
User Interface Skinning and Themes (dark, light etc.).1.0.45Minor
Diagram Theme creation, export and import.1.0.29
Diagram Highlighter.1.0.24
Diagram Rulers.1.0.14
Network Model Elements.1.0.12
Agile Elements.1.0.12
Zoom and Pan Diagrams.1.0.11
Export to XMI for CASE tool inter-operability.1.0.9
Custom Shapes.1.0.6
Local XML File-Based Repositories.1.0.5

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